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Changing permssions on a NFS share file


I have used ndmpcopy to copy a file to an nfs share on my system. (8.1.4 7mode) 


But i cannot read the file from the server with NFS mount.


The permissions on my source file are 600. 



I cannot find any information on how to change this to 644 so i can copy the file. 



Can anyone point me in the correct direction?





Mount your exported directory on any Unix/Linux system and use standard "chmod" command.


I couldn't actually get this to work. Despite my nfs export being set to root for my host. 


Similar for changing the perms using SMB.


I guess ndmp is doing somthing odd to the file perms. 




Anyway. I eventaully got the files to copy to my destination filer once i realised that ndmpcopy doesn't use the password i expected. 

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