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ONTAP Discussions

Changing volume ownership


I have an interesting situation, this is not something that I can see happening often, but it would be useful to have, for example, when a business re-organizes.

I want to be able to move a volume from vserver1 to vserver2.  It seems to me that this should be a fairly simple thing to do.  Right?

1) unmount volume from junction path on vserver1.

2) maybe offline the volume?  might not be needed.

3) vol modify to change owning vserver

4) mount volume on new junction path on vserver2.

I don't see a way to do this today without using SnapMirror to migrate the data, then remove the old volume.  This would be time consuming for large volumes and impractical if the cluster doesn't have the free space.

It seems to me that this should be a simple update in VolDB to move a volume, with a few error checks to make sure the volume name is unique in the destination vserver, and that the volume is unmounted.  Export policies, CIFS shares, LUN mapping would be handled within the original owner vserver the sames as if someone deleted the volume.  The administrator would have to copy or setup new policies on the destination vserver (new owner), or maybe there can be a way to migrate that information too if requested.




The feature that you are talking about is called 'Vol Rehost' and is provide with limited capability in 8.3.2 for transitioned volumes.

Here transitioend volumes means, volumes that are transitioned from 7-Mode to cDOT using 7MTT (Copy-Based or Copy-Free transition).


Refer to the below link for more details:


About making this feature available for natively created cDOT volumes, I am sure it is in the plan for future releases. 



Thank you Vijay


You are correct that the only way to do this is to snapmirror the volume from vserver1 to vserver2.  We do not support moving volumes between vservers like the way you describe.

Doug Moore

Professional Services Consultant - CMET




Any idea whether Netapp has a solution yet on moving a volume from vserver1 to vserver2 without being snapmirrored?




Any chance of a feature enhancement?  It doesn't seem to be a difficult thing to me.


I will make the suggestion. 

Doug Moore

Professional Services Consultant - CMET


Hope this feature will be possible !


vFiler parity across the board to Vservers in a perfect world. in addition to move/reassign volumes, Vserver migrate and Vserver dr. I know these are futures but all on my wish list too. Vserver data motion too.

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