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QUick Question 


WHen you halt a node in a two node cluster , should there be any downtime if the cluster LIF is on the node that goes down.


I would assume a second or two while the LIF migrates to the other node , or am i wrong ?


Reason for asking have a two node cluster and am seeing the interface go down , if i migrate the lif before halting node I dont see downtime 


Lifs from both nodes are in the same domain , and all looks ok 


is there any thing I could have possibly missed or I should check


Cheers for any info


Please explain what "downtime" means;I'm afraid, I did not quite understand your question.




I mean 


If you constant ping the cluster address and the node that the cluster LIF sits on fails , ie memory dump will you lose connectivity to the cluster address while the LIF moves to the other node , and If so, how long 


In this type of senario i am seening the LIF not failover , but if i do a LIF migrate it migrates ok to the other node , I was under the impression that the cluster address should at most lose a couple of pings while it failsover or am i wrong 


cheers for any info





I'm afraid I still cannot parse your question (assuming, it *is* a question, as it completely lacks any question marks); so guessing what you mean - when you connect to cluster management address you connect to the node where LIF is currently active. When LIF is migrated to another node (for any reasons) current connection is terminated and you need to reconnect. How many pings are lost is irrelevant here.

Does it answer your question?


so found the issue , networking 


the managment ports where plugged into juniper ports and the equivilent portfast was not set , so i was seeing an outage of the cluster management address for at least a min , now switch configured , during a failover i see 1 ping drop