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max-write-alloc-blocks option in 7.3.7p1


Couldn't find where to set max_write_alloc_blocks option value.

Want to play with this option on FAS2020 with 7.3.7p1.

Found only that on pre 7.3.2 versions it was done with setflag command.

Then in 8+ versions it was on aggr and vol options.

in 7.3.7p1 can't find this option anywhere.

Does anyone know where to set it?


Re: max-write-alloc-blocks option in 7.3.7p1


In 7.3.2 that is when Flexvols were introduced which would make sense for a change then.  I'm not seeing it discussed many places, I see it reference here:  http://www.netapp.com/us/media/tr-4384.pdf.  So in your 7.3.7 installation are you not seeing it as an aggregate option?  Is there something in particular you are trying to achieve with this?

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