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Cluster Mode Login Banner

How do you create a login banner for Data ONTAP 8 Cluster Mode? In 7-mode, you simply edited a file in the /etc dir. I cannot find any docs on how to do this in cluster mode.

"This system is restricted. Don't login or we'll pummel you with Donuts". I want to add something similar to this when someone attempts to SSH to our cluster.




Re: Cluster Mode Login Banner

I've been wondering the same thing, I can't find any documentation on how to do this.

Re: Cluster Mode Login Banner

Hello, did anyone find the way to do this ?

Re: Cluster Mode Login Banner

Also interested in this feature, but have found no way to implement yet.

Re: Cluster Mode Login Banner

I just talk to NetApp support about this. They have logged a bug/feature request. The information is below.


Bug 489882 : Feature request: Pre-authentication banner message and post-authentication message of the day (MOTD)

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