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Cluster to Cluster vol move : feature enhancement



this should be a rather easy question.


since I came to the conclusion : no it won't work.


scope/request  is: Cluster>Cluster vol migrate

I should migrate DP date from one backup filer to the other, and preserve as most meta data as possible (snapshots, shares, xdp-snapmirror-relations)
Nice to have: snapvault(xdp)/snapvault(XDP) cascading.

but this is not supported

so now;

finally I came to the conclusion: I will reinitialize a new relationship.


-or do you know of any better solution?


perfect world scenario: vol move cluster > cluster.

request for enhancement: frame work for datamigration cluster to cluster (as old dpm)

information: snapmirror is not licensed



> vol move cluster > cluster.



I do not see this as a transparent operation in other method since the IP addresses associated with the mount would also need to move.  What you expect to happen if volumes A and B were both mounted on on your source clsuter and you did a cluster > cluster move for volume A?



well I do have:


cluster A

cluster B

cluster C


I have snapm xdp  A > B

I want volume move from B > C


I want to have snapm xdp A > C  (same relation as the former A > B)




Cascading the snapmirror/vault (xdp) finally did work. (maybe lack of vserver peers prevented the first try)


having now a snapmirror (XDP) A>B>C. phase: initializing...


after this I will dispose Cluster B, and rebuild all relations.


- still would be nice to have a tool set for this.

  maybe some simple powershell scripts can do this.