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We are setting up a FAS2552 with 24x900 SAS,  8.3 Clustered. The customer requested to create a single big aggreagte with maximum disks rather than two aggreagte on each nodes. So, my question can we remove the ownership of disks from node2 and assign to node1. I see the system has created partitions on all the disks, so not quite sure if i remove the disk ownership would that affect root aggreagte?


please let me know if there is any way we can meet this requirement?






To have high availablility (i.e. transparent takeover of failed controller by its partner) both controllers must be up and running. And for a controller to be up and running it must have disks assigned to it, root aggregate and volume etc. So the only way to get what customer wants is to have second controller as cold spare part, without any run-rime fault tolerance.


1. Unown all the disks on both nodes in maintenance mode

2. "Clean configuration and intialize all disks" on both nodes

3. Remove the ownership of the data partition from the second node

Example: # storage disk removeowner -disk 1.1.16 -data true

4. Assign the ownership of all data partition to the first node

Example: # storage disk assign -disk 1.1.16 -owner node1 -data true

5. Create your big aggr as desired


For the removal and assignment of the partitions you have to be at least in advanced mode.


Does this command exists in maint mode?


I'm running into an issue with I've gotten 2 shelves from two different controllers , and one set of disks have -owner, the second half doesnt,

and I'm not able to do a 4 clearn and wipe.



Which command?


Just remove the ownership in maintenance mode and do the other stuff after the clean and wipe...