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Volmove Query - Moving volumes


Can anyone suggest the best way to move serveral volumes from one aggr to another in order to resize my orginal aggr.  I'm riunning 7-Mode 8.2.4 and both aggrs would be on the same controller.


To me it looks like the volmove command...?


My volumes are also NSF CFIS shares.   Is it a case of stopping this sharing before using volmove...?


I obviously want to do this non-disruptively !


Thanks for any advice or experiences of a similar scenario.







Hi @stormtrooper 


We can not do it non disruptively on 7-mode netapp. Vol move command will not allow you to execute when it is allocated to host through a protocal like cifs or nfs.


please find the below attached screenshot for your reference.



Would a CIFS terminate achieve the same ?...and then just restart CIFS after volmove completes ?

Cifs terminate will impact all shares on that box. Its better to create volume on the destination aggregate and do snapmirror replication. Take cutover permission from your share owners and do final update snapmirror transfer and allocate new volume to clients. This is the best way to follow. Everyone follows the same.

For example your actual cifs share name is Share1 /vol/vol1 chich is on aggr1.


You have one more aggregate aggr2. Now u want to move volume to aggr2.



Please follow the below steps.


create a volume on aggr2 with same size as vol1 on aggr1.


Example commands:


fas02: vol create vol2 aggr2 100g 

fas02: snapmirror initialize -S fas01:/vol1 fas02:vol2



take cutover from client.


perform final update snapmirror transfer.


snapmirror update vol2


snapmirror quiesce vol2

snapmirror break vol2


now delete the productions share. before that notedown all the share level permissions on that share.


cifs shares -delete share1


cifs shares -add share1 /vol/vol2


provide share level permissions using cifs access  commands.


inform clients to access the share again. maintain 7 days cooling period and destroy the old volume again.





hi @stormtrooper


If my solution resolved your issue please accept my process as solution.

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