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Clustered ONTAP export policy limit



I'm trying to determine the maximum number of export policies one can create in a cDOT 8.2 cluster.  I've found reference to this limit only in the System Manager 2.1 cDOT Help PDF on page 187 as 1,024.  In the new release of System Manager 2.2 the same guide on page 194 no longer mentions this limit and I can't find it in any of the cDOT 8.2 documentation.

Given that a NAS cluster can expand up to 24 nodes a limit of 1024 export policies is way low - does anyone know what this limit is for cDOT 8.2 and if it's still 1024 will it be increasing?  Thank you.




I believe it's 4k.


This is incorrect.

The limits are currently in the process of being finalized and should be available by the release of 8.2GA. The limits for rules and policies will be platform dependent.

Keep in mind that policies are not rules. Policies are containers for rules. Each policy can have more than one rule, so technically you could have 10 policies with x number of rules each.


Thank you for this answer - I am aware that policies can have multiple rules and do plan on applying a single policy to multiple volumes when possible.  But in a 24-node cluster where the volume limit is 500 per node one could potentially end up with 10,000+ volumes and it's entirely dependent upon the environment how many could share the same policy.  Knowing the policy limit will help us plan around cluster size limits and the export policy application.


As a follow up, export policy rule limits have been defined in TR-4067 on page 7.

Export Policies in Clustered Data ONTAP

Instead of the flat export files found in 7-Mode, clustered Data ONTAP offers export policies as containers for export policy rules to control security. These policies are stored in the replicated database, thus making exports available across every node in the cluster, rather than isolated to a single node. A NetApp cluster can support 40k export policy rules per cluster for systems using less than 16GB of RAM and 140k export policy rules on systems using more than 16GB of RAM. Each HA pair can handle up to 10,240 export policy rules. There is no limit on export policies. Volumes that are created without specifying the policy will get assigned the default policy.

These limits will be updated with each release.




Can you please confirm the page that has limits, as I'm looking at the doc you provided and am not able to see specfic limits there, or if you have another doc that provides that info, that would be greatly appreciated.  I'm looking for the exact # of polices that can be created as well as number of rules for a policy. 

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