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Nfs vmware Clustered Ontap Switchless

Hi to everyone ,


      I got used to 7-mode mostly and really  starting out with clustered Ontap .My question is , i knew that we can install 1 node clustered ontap ,and 2 node swithcless clustered ontap .

But is it possible to install a 2 node switchless cluster with direct attached ESX servers wit using NFS protocol ? And also if it is possible ,then is it supported by netapp ?


Thanks a lot.




Re: Nfs vmware Clustered Ontap Switchless

Let me make sure I understand what you are asking.


Are you asking if you have a 2-node switchless cluster, can you export volumes over NFS to Vmware?  If that's the question, I don't see why not

Re: Nfs vmware Clustered Ontap Switchless

i tried to mean that,  we can install switchless clustered Ontap with the 8.2 version ,

And also   2  ESX servers  with dual 10g ethernet cards ,without the use of a 10g switch , directly attached to the netapp controllers ,


ıs it possible to use nfs mounted volumes from netapp to esx servers ? ,and if it is then is it supported by netapp.

And  one more to ask ,if we failover one of  the netapp controller  , can we access from esx servers to the failing controllers volume with the help of the surviving controller ? .


Re: Nfs vmware Clustered Ontap Switchless

Why would you do that? 


Please refer to the latest best practices guide for Vmware NFS on cDOT



Re: Nfs vmware Clustered Ontap Switchless

there has been a project sold with that kind of a configuration ,


So that is why i am trying to figure out a solution


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