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Snapmirror: What kind of checksum does it use and is there a way to manually verify it?


Two questions:
1. I have been searching but unable to find what kind of checksum snapmirror uses to verify its copies. Can anyone tell me? If there is a technical document explaining it, that would be perfect.
2. Is there a way to manually verify, or display the checksum verification, of a recent snapmirror? Or manually run the checksum verification between the source and destination volumes without having to mount them to, say, a linux server and run an MD5 on them?

Reason im asking is that I have some executives that are using an application and its data is now the most important thing to this company...more important than the environment itself. They are asking for this data to be copied from one place to another and then a visual verification of some kind showing that the two match, every 30 days. I say Snapmirror because i know it uses a checksum verification and there we have the copy and the verification in one. I can tell them that if the checksum fails, we will get an email alert that the snapmirror failed. But they want the visual "yes" every time, instead of the silence of a "yes" and a loud "no."






Hope this information helps https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP1217281/html/GUID-1F9937B1-098D-4CBE-802E-2D97E1E2DB3D.html




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Regarding check, you can check the snapmirror log under /etc/log/snapmirror if everything worked.


Logs can also be reached via browser: https://ClusterIP/spi/Nodename/etc/log/


Awesome, thank you all!

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