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Compression in-line with FlexArray




I am putting in a customer an FAS with Flexarray to virtualize E-series and EF-series, I understand tha you can activate deduplication an compression in-line but I can not find documentation about it.
do yo know if this is possible and if there is documentation?


thanks you 


Re: Compression in-line with FlexArray





Compression and Deduplication System Requirements on page 37 in TR: https://www.netapp.com/us/media/tr-4476.pdf

Hardware All FAS and V-Series and FlexArray systems that are supported with clustered Data ONTAP


As the title indicates, this technical report covers Data ONTAP® 8.3.1 and later. For information about implementation with earlier versions of Data ONTAP, refer to:  TR-3505: NetApp Deduplication for FAS and V-Series Deployment and Implementation Guide  TR-3505i: NetApp Deduplication and Data Compression Deployment and Implementation Guide  TR-3958: NetApp Data Compression and Deduplication Deployment and Implementation Guide, Data ONTAP 8.1 Operating in 7-Mode  TR-3966: NetApp Data Compression and Deduplication Deployment and Implementation Guide The same information applies to FAS, V-Series, and NetApp FlexArray® systems, unless otherwise noted. (Links available on page 5 of the TR 4476)

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