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Connecting FC disk shelves


Hello everybody,


After the our current system refresh we have our older system (6240) and 12 FC disk shelves. Considering that I have more than enough FC ports per each filer (12) I decided  to have 6 loops and with 2 shelves each to mizimize the bandwith with MPHA connectivity


However it means using ea, eb, ec, ed chassis ports which are for hosts/switch connectivity. We never used them in past because our environement is NFS and iSCSI only. 


My question - can I connect shelves to those ports, or some reconfiguration is needed as well?


Once again - we do not intend to use FC in our envirounment and we would like to use all FC ports available in those filers for shelf connecitvity only.






The onboard ports would need to be set as initiator ports to use with disk shelves. They should be able to be either target or intiiator - although some models limit this. I've had a look to see if I can find documentation either way but couldn't see anything at the moment. Probably be easier to just give it a try.