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Convert SnapMirror XDP to DP


Hello Community. 


I want to convert a XDP extended data protection relationship into DP, because I will shorten the update frequency and XDP doe not finish within timeframe. 


Waht I tried was:

1. Snapmirror break

2. Snapmirror delete

3. snapmirror create with type DP and DPdefault

4. Snapmirror resync 

--> But at step four I got "Error: command failed: No common Snapshot copy found between..." 

When I looked into the volume I could found lot of snapshots that were available on both volumes. 


Is it possible?

Why I can't resync?


greetings Frank


Re: Convert SnapMirror XDP to DP

Convention from XDP to DP is not supported.
Each volume seems to have common snapshot, but it is just common for SnapVault. Not common for DP as data have transferred in file basis and block image do both side is completely different. DP tracks and updates data in block basis, so XDP snapshots does not work for resyncing.

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Re: Convert SnapMirror XDP to DP


On a cascade mirror what order should be taken to convert it or does it not matter?

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