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Copy only recently accessed data



We have a requirement, where we need to do data migration between Netapp to netapp. when moving data to new storage, we wanted only data which are in the year 2014 to be copied and rest of the data to be remained in the old storage. Can somebody recommend how to acheive this. 





Re: Copy only recently accessed data

This is interesting..   I'm sure there are expensive applications out there to do this kind of work, but if your data set is small,  you can use powershell to crawl your filesystem and then select the files and copy it.


But good luck

Re: Copy only recently accessed data

Did you look at RSYNC? You can specify access date or change date and it can delete it from the source one the transfer is complete. We use it a lot for various reasons, easy to script it from Linux. Not sure what NDMP can do when it comes limiting the data to certain dates of files.

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