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Copying ONTAP images to Controller

My management are reluctant to allow the use of Mongoose on the network for Ontap upgrades.  This has always been the rock-solid method for me in previous lives.  They are also questioning the need for ANY web server to do upgrades.... they swear the previous admin "downloaded them directly when ready. Why do we need a webserver?"


My plan involves going from 8.2x to 9.1.. so it will be two upgrades in succession.

Any advice on how best to get past that step of the upgrade plan is GREATLY appreciated!


Thank you!




Re: Copying ONTAP images to Controller

In the olden days of 7-mode it was nice with http, but it was also easy to just drop image on etc$ either via export or cifs share, BUT with cDOT, in my honest opinion, that goes out of the window.


The below is directly from the Netapp Guide.


Copy the software image (for example, 91_q_image.tgz) from the NetApp Support Site to the
directory on the HTTP or FTP server from which the image will be served.



Re: Copying ONTAP images to Controller

And that was my reference to management.. So I'm fighting their flawed recollection of what the previous admin may have done rather than having any facts in that regard.  I'm just fishing for any breakthroughs in completing that step outside of the guide if any exists.  Thank you for the sanity check nonetheless.

Re: Copying ONTAP images to Controller

Tell them they are wasting cycles.


If you have a 7-mode system still, you can setup a quick http server on there, set root, create a share, put it there, and then use it that way, and then turn it off when you are done.


That's what we do.  


We don't have time to explain to mgmt what they do not understand

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Re: Copying ONTAP images to Controller

It may be possible to use diag account to copy files using scp. You still need server you can scp from.
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