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HA Pair 7-Mode takeover

Hi all, I have a system that had a panic and was in takeover, then the Filer that took over crashed (RAM error) So now I have the first filer up but how do i boot it into OnTap when it thinks the partner is running the takeover VM?


And If I get it booted what will the other one do when it comes up and tries to boot the VM it was running when it fell over?


Re: HA Pair 7-Mode takeover

If partner does not boot due to RAM issue, I would move RAM from another filer and tried to bring it up. Otherwise you will need to destroy HA pair, but that potentially means data loss. Best is to open case with support.

Re: HA Pair 7-Mode takeover

Thanks, a repair is scheduled but I wanted to get access to the data from the original failed filer that will now boot to Loader and passes tests in maint mode. I know if a Filer crashes without a successful takeover a forcetaker will work but wondered if there was an equivalent give / take back so I could boot the filer without trashing the disks since they were in use when the HA partner died. I suppose there will be some mailbox issues but is it actually doable to bring up the first filer?

Re: HA Pair 7-Mode takeover

The only way known to me is to clear mailboxes thus returning HA state to uninitalized. I hesitate to recommend it though as disk ownership in Data ONTAP 8 is different from 7G and I do not have first hand experience with this situation. So advice to contact support remains valid. 🙂
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