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Create NFS volume with REST API Python library



I would like some help in figuring out how to create NFS volumes using netapp_ontap python library. I usually use the command line to provision new volumes with the likes of this:

vol create -vserver $vserver -volume $volume -aggregate $aggr -size $size -state online -policy $policy_name -unix-permissions ---rwxr-xr-x -type RW -snapshot-policy none -user 0 -group 0 -security-style unix -junction-path /$volume -autosize-grow-threshold-percent 10% -autosize-mode grow -space-guarantee none -percent-snapshot-space 0% -language C.UTF-8 -nvfail off -caching-policy auto -encrypt false -tiering-policy snapshot-only;

volume qtree create -vserver $vserver -volume $volume -qtree $short_name -security-style unix -oplock-mode enable -unix-permissions ---rwxr-xr-x -export-policy $policy_name

I've been trying to map all those options in REST API but failing to do so after looking into docs for awhile. I see generic examples that show basic volume creation but not all those options.


Any help is greatly appreciated!

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