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DNS LOAD BALANCE on private networks CMODE




I am testing the dns load balance feature of cmode and would like to find if it possible to support private net queries (at least I have not seen how to implement it).

The site wide dns server(s) includes routable (public) and non routable ips (private).   In order to use the dns load balance feature, you will need to configure a lif 

that can be reached by the site wide dns server (routable network) to delegate dns queries to storage (svm).   This is working fine,  but I want the storage dns to

present the private lifs and not to use routable lif ip.   I unable to find a way do this.  


Anyone have configured the same scenario?  If so,  how is it implemented?     Is there a way to exclude the public lif on dns queries?  


Query scenario:


Both storage and client have two physical interfaces. One connected to public net and the other connected to private net.


1. client query site wide dns via public net

2. site wide dns delegates dns to storage

3. storage gets the query from client via public net

4. storage present *only* the private (lif) ip addresses to client  (unfortunately,  storage dns will also add the public lif to the list of ip addresses)


Maybe a feature request?








I have a very similar query in that I have a separate private (non-routed) network.  I have four NFS data LIFs each associated with a private IP.  I need to configure DNS load balancing but since the private network is not routed my DNS server is unable to see the private network.


How can we achieve DNS load balancing?