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For a SM relationship here. If I run " vol show volume-name" on DEST, i got DP type, however, if I run "list-destination volume-name" on SOURCE, i got XDP type. Why is that? 


Re: DP vs XDP


otput of the volume show shows that the volume is in DP state, which is general.

Volume can be RW - "production" volume

or DP - volume which is a destination for any kind of snapmirror relationship (read-only).

So this output shows you a type of the volume.


and snapmirror-list destination ouput shows you relationships on the source side and relationship itself may be DP or XDP.

So this output shows a type of snapmirror relationship


Re: DP vs XDP


I am not clear on the answer. 

Some volumes on SOURCE filer as shown as XDP, some as DP, although they are all DP type as shwon on the DEST. 



1) What is the snapmirror type really is in these two cases? 

2) what is the difference when the volume as shown in XDP or DP as the routput of "snapmirror list-destination" on SOURCE, while volumes in both cases all shown as DP on TARGET?

Re: DP vs XDP



you are mixing 2 different things



The snapmirror list-destinations command displays information including the destination endpoints, the relationship status, and transfer progress, for SnapMirror relationships whose source endpoints are in the current Vserver if you are in a Vserver context, or the current cluster if you are in a cluster context.

[-type <snapmirrorType>] - Relationship TypeSelects SnapMirror relationships that have a matching relationship type. Possible values are:

  • DP
  • XDP
  • RST

snapmirror list-destinations comand output shows you information about snapmirror relationships on the source

and the field type in the output shows you a type of the relationship itself, NOT the type of the volumes included in the relationship



The volume show command displays information about volumes. The command output depends on the parameter or parameters specified with the command. If no parameters are specified, the command displays the following information about all volumes:

  • Type (RW for read-write or DP for data-protection)

volume show command shows you information about the volume itself.

where field type means a type of the volume, NOT a type of the relatioship.


With a snapmirror relatioship you have always 2 volumes included:

one volume is a source volume, which type is RW and another is destination volume which type is DP

between those 2 volumes is a snapmirror relationship which type depends of the configuration may be DP or XDP





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Re: DP vs XDP


Sorry, still could not get it. 

Anybody else please use your own words to solve the puzzle for me? Source and the destination describe the same SM relationship differently as XDP, and DP respectively.

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