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How to retain 32-bit snapvault snapshots when migration to ONTAP 9?




For a customer we are preparing the 7-mode systems for transition to ONTAP 9. Almost every aggregate is 64-bit with 64-bit snapshots, no problem.


There was just one 32-bit aggregate (SnapVault destination with 1 year retention of backups) and containing 32-bit snapshots. We have converted it into 64-bit but there are still 32-bit snapshots with the 1-year retention.


The customer wants to keep the backups but they cannot be migrated via 7-MTT 3.0.


Is there another way to migrate those snapshots? I was thinking you create new SnapVault replication of the current 32-bit snapshots but that will cost a lot of effort to realize. Maybe someone have a better idea?


It is not possible to keep the 7-mode system “in life” for one year so we need another solution for this.


I hope someone have a good alternative?






Hi Marco -


NetApp TR-4052 (here) has great information on this scenario.  The basics of the issue are covered in the NetApp feature summary section on page 53.  A recommended solution is at the bottom of page 35 onto page 36.


The guts of it:  because SnapVault is qtree based in 7-mode and whole volume based in cDot, a direct migration isn't possible.  So the recommendation is convert and migrate the source, create a new SnapVault relationship going forward, and either preserve (short term) the original vault or SnapMIrror the original vault volume to a new 64 bit "legacy SnapVault" volume on the new cDot system as well.  The new SnapVault will protect going forward but does require a new baseline.  The legay SnapVault will be available for restores - manual process involved.  Snapshots will need to be retired manually from the legacy SnapVault volume as well as they would fall off retention.


Fundamentally - you're going to need a new SnapVault in either case, but there is a way at least to bring the old version with you. The TR covers a number of typical scenarios that need special handling.  You may find there is something that better fits your situation.



Hope this helps.


Bob Greenwald

Senior Systems Engineer | cStor

NCIE SAN ONTAP, Data Protection



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The 32-bit data stuck in the vault for a year is going to be an issue.  The easy option is to leave the 7mode sitting there while they age out.  Or move it to some other 7mode environment while it ages out, maybe even an edge instance.  Or move it to an old cluster running 8.2.x.  Other than that, you could investigate doing a copy out into a 64bit volume and reassembling it oldest snap first.  Nothing in the list is particularly elegant if you can't keep the 7mode box around for a year.


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Were you able to come up with a solution to move over the 32-bit based snapshots?