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DS4243 w/ 4 PSU but only want to use 2


I recently added a couple DS4243 shelves with X308A-R5 drives.  They came with 4 PSU in each drawer but all my other drawers only use 2.  When I pull them out I get an error light on the shelf and even tried adding the blank fillers in them?  Is there a command I need to run to tell it to only look for 2 PSU instead of 4?


Re: DS4243 w/ 4 PSU but only want to use 2


I see only one spare part number for empty shelf, so it is unlikely that it has any SAS/SATA specific settings. Did you try to power off shelf, remove two PSU and replace them with blanks, power on again? 4PSU SATA shelf is valid and I am pretty sure that if you remove PSU while shelf is powered on, it should report an error (how else would you know you lost it? 🙂 )

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