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Data Migraton

Hi i have a client who is acquiring a FAS8080 Cmode   which is the best way to migrate their data which is currently on 6280 controllers running 7 mode


Re: Data Migraton

you can do it in many ways depending upon the type of data:

If it is block level data (exchange, sql, sharepoint luns), use the host level or application level replicate or copy. you can also use the DTA, a device which is a paid services from netapp.

If it is file level data migration, use the 7MTT tools or use the secure copy or robocopy or any copy tools

Both needs download time, when you do a cut-over to c-mode

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Re: Data Migraton


Has anyone tried this ?

Transitioning volumes manually

You can copy data from the  7-Mode volumes to the  clustered Data ONTAP  volumes manually by using the clustered Data ONTAP SnapMirror commands. However, you must manually set up protocols, services, and other configuration on the cluster after transition  is complete.

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