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Data recovery from snapshots ....Does this problem still exist?


Does this still apply when recoveryinh from snapshots?


A long time ago NetApp used to have this behaviour which could prove to be disasterous if you were not aware of it. 



Scenario :  Taking daily snapshots and keeping them for about a month. 


Potential problem :  If you recover a volume from a snapshot 20 days ago all the snapshots taken between now and that recovery point are lost - correct?


If you have gone too far back in time there is no way getting back the data bewteen now and the 20 days once the volume has been recovered.



Recovering directories from a snapshot also has the same probelm?





Snap restore is the process of reverting a volume to a specific snapshot, and is still available functionality, and that point in time snapshot does not include any future ones. You can also restore individual files from the snapshot using snap restore.


We also have options to let you spin up a temporary read/write copy based on a specific snapshot using flexclone (without doing a full copy) - that would let you see the volume and/or its LUNs as they were at that point in time. If you then decide you'd like to keep it, you can "split" the clone off as an independant volume.


Finally, if it's a CIFS share, you can access the copies of the file from snapshots using Windows previous version, or navigate into the snapshot folder and copy it out.