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Dedupe saving not realized



Ontap 7-mode 8.2.4P6, df says volume is full. When dedupe savings are checked it says 44% saved, but not reflected in df o/p. Could any one point out what is the reason for this. There are many snapshopts on this volume as old as 40 days.


PROD> df -hg
Filesystem total used avail capacity Mounted on
/vol/proj_vol1/ 3585GB 3568GB 16GB 100% /vol/proj_vol1/
/vol/proj_vol1/.snapshot 1195GB 534GB 660GB 45% /vol/proj_vol1/.snapsh

PROD> df -sg proj_vol1
Filesystem used saved %saved
/vol/proj_vol1/ 3568GB 2856GB 44%


Re: Dedupe saving not realized



Hi. are the snapshots before dedup was running? as it will lock the non-dedup data inside....

i also confirmed that according to this KB the space you should see with df -h is after dedup (i myself wasen't sure if df calc is before or after) https://kb.netapp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1005836 .



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