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PDU's maintenance.



DataCenter maintenance,

one side of PDU's at a time needs to be disconnected. I understand power sources are redundant on each filers. 



What steps (commands) I need to perform to make sure they are redundant and working fine?

What steps need to make sure after the maintenance?
In case of both sides got disconnected at the same time by accident, would the filer shut down immediately?


Thank you!




1) Physically trace the power cables.   


2)  make sure everything is showing green.    It will also say that the cluster is back to normal 


3) yes,  but depends on what got unplugged fully.    If the controller got unplugged, it would be treated like a power failure.   If I shelf dropped.... You'd have a really pissed off Filer with some not happy aggrs.    (Had that happen onces, but everything came up cleanly after it was sorted out.)