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Default password after ontap 7-mode reinstall?




Today, connected via ssh user naroot BMC console I have reinstalled ontap with option 4a


(4)  Initialize owned disks (xx disks are owned by this filer).
(4a) Same as option 4, but create a flexible root volume.


Netapp is not connected to network so I gave some dummy IP addresses and when everything was completed I have finished my ssh session.

What I didn't pay attention to is that NetApp didn't ask me about any new (or old) root password, and I was sure that since I didn't change any settings, BMC naroot password will stay the same. Unforunately now I cannot login with my password. Is there any 'default' password in such cases used?



It's possible that BMC does not allow empty password. In this case the only way is serial connection. Fresh installed Data ONTAP definitely does not have any password.


Default is no password - just press return.


hi aborzenkov


thanks for your reply. Unforunatelly that tick didn't work:


login as: naroot
naroot@<bmc_ip>'s password:  <enter>
Access denied

naroot@<bmc_ip>'s password:


same with no username:


login as:
@<bmc_ip>'s password:  <enter>
Access denied

@<bmc_ip>'s password:


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