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Define fpolicy exceptions for individual folders

We use the fpolicy configurator (version 1.0 of 2016) to exclude file extensions on SVM's. In the past, we have repeatedly had the requirement that we have to release individual file extensions for certain directories so that users can store files there. So far we have done this (quite elaborately) using the following method: Create a share from the affected directory, then create a new group of file extensions in which the file extension is missing, the file of which is to be stored in the directory. This group is then assigned to the volume in which the directory is located using fpolicy commands. All other volumes of the SVM then get the group with all locked file extensions.
Our question now is: is there an easier way to remove an extension for certain directories? Is there a tool if necessary? I hope I was able to convey our concerns clearly. If necessary, I can also provide our procedure using the commands used.

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