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Delete a Directory directly on the filer

Ontap is 8.1.4 7mode, volume and qtree are NTFS-Style, shared via CIFS. NFS is possible but actually not used.

On the shared qtree is a directory, which cannot be accessed - it isnt possible to gain the ownership nor any access-permissions.


So I want to delete the dir directly on the filer, which does not succed due the lack of a rd command or similar - what can I do?


Thanks in advance



Re: Delete a Directory directly on the filer

In addition: did try to mount the qtree on a linux-box - mount is possible, but cannot access the dir - got a "access denied" - maybe the NTFS-Style is the problem - but cannot change this ....


Re: Delete a Directory directly on the filer

Hi Peter,


You could try using the file-delete-directory API (which equates to the Remove-NaDirectory PowerShell CmdLet) however i think it should be possible to take ownership of the data and reset the NTFS permissions. If in doubt you can flexclone the volume and configure the permissions on the clone to ensure there is no data within the directory that you still require before deleting it. Hope this helps



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