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Delete aggregate in CDOT.


Hi all,
I'm trying to delete a recently created aggregate but it's returning me the following error:


clusterc::*> aggr offline -aggregate aggr2_SAS_N1
Warning: The aggregate contains one or more volumes. In order to offline the aggregate, all of these volumes must be unmounted. Do you want to unmount all of the volumes hosted by the aggregate?
{y|n}: y
Aggregate offline successful on aggregate: aggr2_SAS_N1
clusterc::*> aggr delete -aggregate aggr2_SAS_N1
Warning: Are you sure you want to destroy aggregate "aggr2_SAS_N1"? {y|n}: y
[Job 6289] preparing and validating ...
Error: command failed: [Job 6289] Job failed: Failed to remove the location information of aggregate aggr2_SAS_N1 from vldb due to All cluster-scoped volumes are still online.

 I've tried to offline and delete the only volume inside this aggregate, but it seems it could mess with my cluster.


clusterc::*> volume offline -volume MDV_aud_2c9516f62237403f9f4b82761dabca23 -vserver hdiclusterc

Warning: You are about to modify the system volume "MDV_aud_2c9516f62237403f9f4b82761dabca23".  This may cause severe performance or stability problems.  Do not proceed unless directed to do so by support.  Do you want to proceed? {y|n}:

 Any thoughts?



Re: Delete aggregate in CDOT.


This is audit staging volume. As long as you are going to destroy aggregate anyway, volume should be safe to delete. See FAQ: What is a staging volume and how to use it to troubleshoot issues? for details.

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Re: Delete aggregate in CDOT.


Nice, it worked.


Cheers! 🙂

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