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upgrade 32bit aggr to 64bit


how do I upgrade a 32bit aggr to 64 bit? what are the steps and downtime?



Ok, ran the command and everything is fine. 🙂


Hi, I just receive this document from support after searching and searching, great doc..

In-Place Expansion of 32-Bit Aggregates to 64-Bit

Overview and Best Practices

Link= http://media.netapp.com/documents/tr-3978.pdf

Enjoy and hope this helps


Great Article indeed, the syntax from cli goes like this:

aggr add aggr_name -64bit-upgrade normal -n 2

This is when you want to add two disks to the aggr.



You Can do via a priv set diag command

aggr 64bit-upgrade start aggr1 -mode grow-all


You should never use diag level command without explicit instructions from NetApp. Conversion to 64 bit (without adding disks and diag commands) is supported as of 8.2.1RC1.


Agree 100% with this. Not without support prior to 8.2.1. Unless a lab or test environment maybe. This was not supported until 8.2.1 even though hidden prior and carries risk without support.

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I have to migrate data using the 7Mode Transition tool to our new CDOT 8.3 Filer. Problem is that I can only use 7Mode transition tool if the source Volume is 64Bit. Unfortunately the volumes on our old 7Mode system are only 32Bit. The 7mode system (FAS 2040) is running the latest availabe ontap release:


NetApp Release 8.1.4P8 7-Mode


the CDOT is running 8.3RC1.


How can I convert the 32Bit Volumes to 64Bit? I did run:


aggr 64bit-upgrade start aggr0 -mode grow-all


on one of the old filers without a problem, but there was just one small volume and no production data on. I'm a bit afraid to run it on the production filer, but as far as I can see there is no way around it?


With ONTAP 8.1, you add disks to grow the aggregate over 16TB and it will automatically convert in the background (no downtime) from 32 to 64 bit.  Growing over 16TB is the only supported method.  If you search this community you will see some posts of a diag mode in place method without adding disks but that is not supported (diag mode command).

You can also replicate from 32 to 64 with ONTAP 8.1 and have a quick downtime while you cutover to the new volume but if you are on 8.1 then the best solution is to add disks and convert the existing aggr for now downtime.


It does not do this automatically, you have to explicitly say you want to convert when adding disks. Otherwise it just rejects command if size will exceed 16TiB.


System manager should give a popup they can click wen growing to convert. Do you use cli or system manager and is it ontap 8.1?


CLI of course ☺


but im on  8.0.1P3. how do i convert to 64bit without upgrading to 8.1?


Qtree snapmirror or Ndmpcopy if not on 8.1. It might be worth waiting for your upgrade. Then you can upgrade in place by growing the aggr or volume snapmirror too 32 to 64.

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Re: upgrade 32bit aggr to 64bit

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what is besrt way to move my vnmware luns off this 32bit aggr to 64bit? create new 64bit aggr/vol/qtree/lun and svmotion the vms off the old luns or can i still use qtree snapmirror?


Storage VMotion would be a great way to do this...then you don't have downtime.


how do i qtree snap mirror between 2 qtrees? i have 2 luns on 2 different aggr


QSM creates a qtree on the target volume for you.. So you can mirror any source qtree (or non qtree data by specifying /vol/volname/-  ... the dash meaning non-qtree data as the source) and the target is always a qtree.  You specify the source /vol/volname/qtree or "-" and the target /vol/volname/qtree.. the target volume can have multiple qtree mirrors if you want.

But if VMware and the goal is non-disruptive 32 to 64 bit (and not ontap 8.1) then storage vmotion sounds like a much better fit.


Just bear in mind Storage VMotion is a host-side operation, so with large VMs may be problematic performance-wise.

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