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Destroying aggregate group newb question.



We have a new FS2240 and disk shelf.  Unfortunatley we ran the Windows setup software for the filer before we gave the shelf an ID.  However this is now remedied.  I would like to tear down the default aggregates that were created on first install, as they are messy due to not having the disks frm the shelf included and the disks are are not equally assigned between each controller.

Is it safe to do a aggr destroy on the remaining aggr group (I have already destroyed one I created with the disks from the shelf with success), without loosing access to the NetApp over SSH?  I am just thinking outloud here, this is my first time for aggregate tear down and creation and I am not at the same site as the NetApps, so loosing access in not an option.

Any best practice pointers or first hand experience here would be much appreciated!




Is it your only aggregate on that head? does it contain the vol0 volume?

If it is, it'll be like a fresh install so you would lose SSH access to filer and would need to use a serial connection or the SP port.

You added disks to an aggregate but you can't take them away.


Yes it does, thats why I am holding back.  I thought that might be the case with a new aggregate, I read you can interrupt startup and create new, however that will then destroy all my VIFs etc .  I

There are two aggregates (aggr0)  alltogether one for first controller one for second, both with vol0 on them am safe tearing one down ?


No, having a second controller isn't going to help. I am assuming you using 8.1 in 7 mode, cluster mode could be different.

If you've spare disks, at least 3, you could create a new aggr snapmirror your current vol0 to there, set it as the boot volume, kill you aggr, snap back etc, never needed to do it myself, but is meant to be fairly straight forward.

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