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Disk Replacement


Disk replacement with a lower rate Data ONTAP


faulty disk 600GB SAS 15,000 RPM
I want to replace with 600GB SAS 7500 RPM


Re: Disk Replacement

May i know the version of Ontap you are using ?


Please check this KB :- https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP1196986/html/GUID-2F317E55-FBC5-46A1-B121-215861E1258A.html


Also this :- https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP1203768/html/html/GUID-149D31D4-D0F5-47C6-A19E-E77B8A12C971.html




Also the table shows what are all the disk types can be mixed 



 SAS disks in SAS disk shelvesSATA disks in SAS disk shelvesFC disks in DS14mk2 FC or DS14mk4 FC disk shelvesATA disks in DS14mk2 FC or DS14mk4 FC disk shelvesSSDs
Internal SAS disksYNYNN
Internal SATA disksNYNYN
SAS disks in SAS disk shelvesYNY*NN
SATA disks in SAS disk shelvesNYNY*N
FC disks in DS14mk2 FC or DS14mk4 FC disk shelvesY*NYNN
ATA disks in DS14mk2 FC or DS14mk4 FC disk shelvesNY*NYN









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Re: Disk Replacement

time to upgrade my friend.. 7.3.5p1.. That's very old..


Also, i never heard of a 7500 RPM SAS disk. .. B/c you have a 15K drive, you should replace with same

Re: Disk Replacement

ok if the disc 10000RPM

Re: Disk Replacement


Re: Disk Replacement

When you mixed disks as per Netapp guide, the entire raid-group will lower to 10K.  If this is a low latency app, just proceed with caution


But you really need to upgrade these controllers.  You should focus your efforts on that.

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