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Disk Sanitization




So I was following a few links to sanitize and wipe my old NetApp, it seems as ususal, there are always items missing the NetApp KB's.



The disk unpartition command doesn't work. Neither does the system node run. I was able to get the process started (I think) but then the system, crashed and I"m stuck in this "takeover" boot loop and nothing seems to work now.


Can I not just reboot the node, CTRL+C, option 4 to initialize, zero out all disks, then perform the sanitization after?








What version of ONTAP are you using, or is this 7-mode? What is the platform? Are you actually using partitioned drvies/SSDs?


The process is a little different on ONTAP vs 7-mode, and I think even the earlier versions of ONTAP are different from today


Bottom line, this is something where the sanitization needs to be enabled. Then the disks can be sanitized. Give some info and I will if I can help with the correct commands.


If you can get into maintenance mode (either ontap or 7-mode) the output of "disk show -a" might be useful!


This is 7-mode, verion 8.2. This is a FAS3240.


They were partitioned but I belived in a clunky way I removed that by destroying volumes, RG's etc...They were just spinning disk, no SSD.


I had already enabled sanitization and I belive I got it to run but then at one point the nodes crashed and rebooted.  Then I got stuck in this "takeover" situation wedre the commands to correct that don't sdeem to be working. THat's why I"m leaning towards just zeroing out all disk. Then I know they willl be spares and then run a sanitize.


I will get the output in a minute here for you, if I can get a login prompt.


@General wrote:

This is 7-mode, verion 8.2. [Disks] were partitioned

7-Mode never supported partitioned disks. It sounds like you tried to sanitize root aggregate which you cannot do for obvious reasons. Now you are left without root volume/aggregate. If this is HA pair and partner still works you may try to complete sanitize from partner. If this is standalone controller, it may be possible to do it from network boot, but I am not sure if it will work.


Or you may try to initialize disks and install Data ONTAP again and follow https://kb.netapp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1034477/loc/en_US


I still have my root aggregate, that I didn't delete. But the steps you provided me sound nice.


asterfs2(takeover)> aggr status
Aggr State Status Options
aggr0 online raid_dp, aggr root, raidsize=16
aggr1 online raid_dp, aggr


Now when I boot and press CTRL-C I get a prompt that says "loader A" and that's it.  No menu on either node.


Actually, I got the boot menu to come up and I'm going to try the procedure given.





Not sure is this is working or not. The system is booted I believe but all I'm getting on console is a series of '"....................."


Line after line, after line of dots, so I'm not sure if it's doing something or not.


It seems easier to me to just zero out all disk. Then use 3 disk for a root aggregate, then sanitize all disk.


I'm surprised this is not easier like other vendors. EMC and Hitachi don't have it this hard simply sanitize disk. 



It's working... the "............." is the system writing "0's" to all the blocks on the drives.


How big are the drives? 4TB can take ~ 8 to 12 hours.


Cool, I will wait. Then at the completiong I will then sanitize all disk andthe unit is being scrapped.


So when the zeoring out is done, I would assume I'm in a good state to then run the sanitize on all disk. The unit is NOT going ot be re-used and is simply going to be scapped. So do I still need to create a 2-3 disk aggregate for some strange reason before running the sanitize if this array is going ot the scrap yard?




To run sanitize you need booted Data ONTAP, and to boot Data ONTAP you need root volume.


Did you try netboot?


@aborzenkov  I don't know what you mean by netboot.


My goal was to create a 3 disk root aggregate after the zeroing out is done. Then wipe all drives not part of the root aggregate. Too me it seemed this was the easiest path ot least resistance.


Then once complete, pick any 3 drives already sanitized, create a new root aggregate. Then reboot. Then after reboot, destroy the older aggregate and sanitize those disk. 


Just an update for anyone monitoring this thread. 


The zeroing out is complete. Once rebooted, the root aggregate was still there. Then I did a "aggr status -r" (per node) and ran the disk sanitize start" command on all disk that are now of course spares.


So, the sanitize process I ran per node because obviously each node has a certain number of disk it owns.


This process seems much easier to me and it worked. Now all I would need to do really is sanitize the root aggregate disk, but who is really going to be able to get data from those alone????  


Either way, the process I ran worked as expected. 








You can't  get user data from the root aggregate unless you place(d) a user data containing volume in the root aggregate - which nobody would recommend. You can get metadata from the root aggregate though. Things like hostnames, IP addresses, cifs shares, maybe even cifs audit log files (which would contain windows usernames or SIDs etc etc), etc etc.

To be on the safe side,  you will have to create a new root aggregate resp. move the root volume to a freshly built aggr, then destroy the old root aggregate and sanitize the last 3 disks as well.






Here is the disk show -a


asterfs2(takeover)> disk show -a
------------ ------------- ----- ------------- ------------- -------------
3d.10.23 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 CZVEJVEL asterfs1 (1573991603)
3d.10.2 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 2AVV0KRN asterfs1 (1573991603)
3d.10.3 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL27KEC0000N208EKL1 asterfs1 (1573991603)
3d.10.21 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL27KGV0000N2085DZ9 asterfs1 (1573991603)
3d.11.19 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL9SS400000N5261KVG asterfs1 (1573991603)
3d.10.9 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SLB1WM20000N6271K24 asterfs1 (1573991603)
3d.11.23 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL2734E0000N208E9XK asterfs1 (1573991603)
0b.12.9 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL2873Z0000N2096MKE asterfs1 (1573991603)
3d.10.6 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL7KGNQ0000N4191E6D asterfs1 (1573991603)
3d.11.21 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL287DJ0000N208BP8J asterfs1 (1573991603)
3d.10.11 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL27J750000N208ED7M asterfs1 (1573991603)
3d.11.1 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL286AG0000N207E2HF asterfs1 (1573991603)
3d.10.0 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL27K150000N208H59J asterfs1 (1573991603)
3d.10.20 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL27JPD0000N208EC4J asterfs1 (1573991603)
3d.10.8 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SLAZSEL0000N6400FFN asterfs1 (1573991603)
3d.11.3 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL27D890000N208H3X6 asterfs1 (1573991603)
3d.10.14 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL27J5S0000N208E9VN asterfs1 (1573991603)
3d.11.7 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL7RR1J0000N4219YYY asterfs1 (1573991603)
0b.12.6 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL5WZKQ0000B3310MN9 asterfs1 (1573991603)
0b.12.15 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL287FV0000N2093NVN asterfs1 (1573991603)
0b.12.19 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL7YL1F0000N426BN34 asterfs1 (1573991603)
0b.12.12 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL27J690000N208EHAC asterfs1 (1573991603)
0b.12.2 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL283F10000N20951WS asterfs1 (1573991603)
0b.11.8 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL5T0RW0000N3293JGP asterfs1 (1573991603)
0b.12.18 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SLASNSR0000N6260J3S asterfs1 (1573991603)
0b.12.5 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SLAZL4F0000N6400FTU asterfs1 (1573991603)
0b.12.3 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL27K8E0000N208BZLV asterfs1 (1573991603)
0b.11.4 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL27E5H0000N20837Y7 asterfs1 (1573991603)
0b.12.11 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL27E060000N208E7TU asterfs1 (1573991603)
0b.12.23 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL72P870000N4082LKV asterfs1 (1573991603)
0b.11.22 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL27C6S0000N20913Q3 asterfs1 (1573991603)
0b.12.7 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL27DCH0000N208EMKY asterfs1 (1573991603)
0b.11.14 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 6SL9P2310000N5214A80 asterfs1 (1573991603)
0b.12.4 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 0XJTB3MR asterfs1 (1573991603)
0b.12.20 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 0XJT238P asterfs1 (1573991603)
3d.10.18 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 0XHUUD5P asterfs1 (1573991603)
3d.10.22 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 0XJ4AUDP asterfs1 (1573991603)
3d.11.15 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 0XJX45EP asterfs1 (1573991603)
0b.11.12 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 0XJ9K59P asterfs1 (1573991603)
3d.10.10 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 0XK3GAUR asterfs1 (1573991603)
0a.05.17 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 BFHU0XGF asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.05.9 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 BFHU4DAF asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.05.22 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 BFHNDV0F asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.05.13 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 BFHU4BGF asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.05.21 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 BFHNE66F asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.05.1 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 BFHUM0EF asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.05.6 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 BFHU4BDF asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.05.11 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 BFHU4DGF asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.05.3 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 BFHUM01F asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.05.14 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 BFHU3ALF asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.05.20 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 BFHNG3XF asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.05.19 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 BFHU21RF asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.05.2 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 BFHULZYF asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.05.16 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 BFHU36TF asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.05.15 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 BFHU4DPF asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.05.12 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 BFHU4H2F asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.05.0 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 BFHULZ4F asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.05.4 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 BFHU4AVF asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.05.10 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 BFHU4H3F asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.20.7 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 WD-WMAY02413778 asterfs2 (1575046785)
3d.11.11 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 0XGGAJAR asterfs1 (1573991603)
0a.20.10 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 WD-WMAY02483920 asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.20.8 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 WD-WMAY02413447 asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.20.0 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 WD-WMAY02362394 asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.20.3 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 WD-WMAY02362385 asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.20.6 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 WD-WMAY02406191 asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.20.9 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 WD-WMAY02406524 asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.20.23 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 WD-WMAY02482519 asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.20.14 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 WD-WMAY02481083 asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.20.12 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 WD-WMAY02460471 asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.20.17 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 WD-WMAY02481131 asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.20.21 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 WD-WMAY02481700 asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.20.15 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 WD-WMAY02459743 asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.20.20 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 WD-WMAY02481304 asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.20.13 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 WD-WMAY02460488 asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.20.19 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 WD-WMAY02486687 asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.20.5 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 WD-WMAY02406567 asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.20.22 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 WD-WMAY02459758 asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.05.5 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 BFHU4JBF asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.05.8 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 BFHU4DSF asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.05.18 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 BFHTUA6F asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.05.7 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 BFHU4B9F asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.20.11 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 WD-WMAY02481913 asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.20.1 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 WD-WMAY02406826 asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.20.2 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 WD-WMAY02437249 asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.20.18 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 WD-WMAY02482480 asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.20.4 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 WD-WMAY02362833 asterfs2 (1575046785)
0a.05.23 asterfs2 (1575046785) Pool0 WD-WCAY00352769 asterfs2 (1575046785)
3d.10.4 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 0XJG9L6P asterfs1 (1573991603)
0b.11.20 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 0XJ3TH0P asterfs1 (1573991603)
0b.11.0 asterfs1 (1573991603) Pool0 0XJVL0AP asterfs1 (1573991603)