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Disk Sizing Query


This maybe a simple question.  I have an old FAS2050 i am playing around with.  It has 20x 300GB disks in it.  however an aggregate has been created utilising 9 disks.  RAID-DP has been used and i know 2 of the disks will be used for parity.  


My query is this.


When i am in the oncommand system manager i can see under disks all of the disks that have been used to create the aggregate all them have an effective size of 265.63.  The remaining disks  all of the other have an effective size of 0bytes is this right?


if i try to create a new aggregate on this san i get the error you do not have sufficient disks to create a 'RAID-DP' aggregate.


Is it because these other drives are faulty which is why they are not reporting a size?


Apologies is this is a stupid question but if you dont ask you will never know. 








Hi there,


Can you please SSH (or telnet, rsh) into the controller and run "aggr status -r" and paste the output? That will show the status of the drives. It's possible there are many failed drives on a system of that age, yes, but more likely is that it is a HA system and the other controller has half the drives too.

Thanks for your reply. I have a jump box I have been ssh in at the manager installed as well. Are you meaning plug directly into the management port in the controller I can’t connect to? How would I ash tonit with out an IP address? Sorry if it is an obvious but never done it before. What you are saying about the disks make sense it could be that the other co troller has ownership of the disks. Cheers.


OnCommand System Manager will list controller IP addresses - they can be used to SSH from the jump host to the controller to run the command listed.


on this old beast (capble of ontap 7 only) SSH is not enabled by default. but telnet does. so @w5cks. if SSH not working.... try telnet....

Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK