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Disk assign FAS2050


I've got a FAS2050 with 20 disk sas installed.

With the command "disk show" it shows me 17 disks,  with "disk shows -v" it shows me the whole amount of 20 disks.

All the 20 disks are already assigned...so why i'm able manage only 17 disks?






Re: Disk assign FAS2050

are there any unassigned disks.. disk show -n



Re: Disk assign FAS2050

No, there aren't unassigned disks, all the disk are assigned.

The command disk show -n it returns " No disks match option -n"


Re: Disk assign FAS2050

is this a 2050HA?


disk show may only be showing the disks assigned to that contoller and not those on the partner...


just a thought.

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