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Disk firmware upgrade --Will it require 14 hours downtime for users?



I am relatively new to NetApp, although very experienced on other arrays.


I need to upgrade a 6290 from 8.1.2 7 mode to 8.2.2 P2 7 mode.


Upgrade advisor reported that I have 334 disks of Model x480_HMKPE04TSDB  that have outdated firmware. 


Upgrade advisor also recommended that I manually download the disk firmware and update it manually.  It was stated this was a prerequisite for ndu upgrades.


Then I read in another document that each disk would be offline for 2.5 minutes when the disk firmware updated.  For 334 drives, it would take 835 minutes or 14   hours. 


I can't have my users offline on this array for 14 hours.


I must not understand this correctly.


Can someone please help me understand how to upgrade the disk firmware on 334 drives without user downtime of 14 hours?





Disk upgrades are all NDU, there is no downtime.  You should however do this at a low I/O time to the system.


Download all.zip  to the software folder   - software install all.zip.



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