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Disk firmware version different


Hi All,


Quick disclaimer, I have basically no NetApp experience so please be gentle.

I have not been able to find an answer yet so just wanted to ask this community.


I inherited an FAS2240-2 and we had a disk failure.

We purchased some replacement drives (correct part number etc.) and long story short, we received another disk failure on that same slot.

After a bit of investigating I found that the replacement drive has a different firmware version than the other disks in the chasis - 

new disk NA03 and other disks NA02

My question was will the NetApp work correctly with disks running different firmware versions?

Or is this the cause of the second disk failure? (i was suspecting the issue was with the slot causing the 2 failures)





Yes, it will work with different firmware versions although best practice is of course to keep them on the same level. Accidents happen and I had cases of bad spares. Just open case and let support analyze whether it may be slot or simply bad luck.


Thanks very much for your response.