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snapmirror source volume size (resize) - will the destination vol resize too?



I found some post here about this but it is still not clear to me. ONTAP 9.5P3. SVM snapmirror DP.

1) if I resize the source volume is it going the destination vol resize accordingly? What must be set to make it work?

2) is there any special procedure how to resize snapmirrored vol to resize the destination accordingly?

3) I cannot find such an obvious task described in any doc. Is there any doc that describes this?


Thank you



Give this a read through: https://kb.netapp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1073852/loc/en_US  

And just to verify,  you mean Snapmirror DP relationship.  not SVM-dR or XDP? 


Well it is SVMDR relationship. So it is not that easy. But there is a command int KB for this. Hopefuly it will work...


Volume autosize can be your friend. This needs to be enabled on both sides if you use it.





The autosize-mode on dest is grow_shrink and on source is off. So I would say that it is enough to have it on dest only but I suspect that it must be also on source, right? Why?


I was stating both sides for simplicity. Your configuration should be OK to add storage to the source and allow the destination to autogrow.

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