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Does extending a LUN 1.5TB that is not Thin provisioned take an extended time?


Basically my question is this. I have a LUN that I need to extended. The Voume it is in has ample space, and the LUN is not Thin provisioned.


I have a FAS2220 and if I go into oncommand GUI and click Edit on my LUN, increase the size there and then click Save, what exactly does this do at this point?


I am trying to do this live and I just want to make sure I am not going to bog anything down or take anything offline while it is "creating" the additional space for the LUN. Does it zero anything out, or simply define the space reserved for the LUN on disk and should be basically instant?


also I understand that I will have to go to my host cluster and extend the volume in disk management there, but i just want to make sure that expading the LUN in on command wont negatively impact anything running.