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Does root volume\aggregate need to be separate from data aggregates in cluster mode


This is my first rodeo with Clustered Data ONTAP after years of 7-Mode.


We have a new FAS2554 2-node cluster with clusternotap 8.3.


i have 20 x 2tb sata disks (and 4 ssd)


I see both nodes grabbed the 3 disks for ONTAP root volume and aggregate.


So this leaves me with 6 disks for data Aggregates for each controller, so a total of 5.5tb or around 11tb in total


we were sold this device, stating that we would have 23tb usable space!


So my question is... Does cDOT force you to have a dedicated root aggregate for the root volume? or is there some thing we should be doing to get close to the space required?


Yes. In cDOT each node must have root volume on dedicated aggregate.

8.3 introduced Advanced Disk Partitioning, where small part of each disk is used for root aggregate and the rest - for data. This leaves you with almost full disk capacity for data. Actually, this should be default on new installation - I am surprised you did not get it.


ok ive just checked and the system was running 8.2.3


ive now upgraded to 8.3


as the system is unused, is zeroing the disks the fastest way to rerun setup on the system?


You must reinstall each node to use ADP. On your model when you go to Special Boot menu and select 4, in Data ONTAP 8.3 it will automatically partition all disks assigned to the controller into root and data parts and create root aggreate from root partitions. It makes sense to do "set-defaults" in loader prompt before. Root partition size is computed automatically based on number of disks, so be sure to perform assignment as need in maintenance mode before starting installation.



For some reasons could not find it previously: https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=1015004


Thanks i zero'ed the system, and now its setup correctly

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