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MRTG for Filers


I have just installed MRT for filers (filer-mrtg) on a newly build CentOS 6.5 64bit vmware virtual machine.

Perl is, v5.10.1 (*) built for x86_64-linux-thread-multi


I have it running already on a physical Dell box running Fedora and perl, v5.10.0 built for i386-linux-thread-multi. It runs great! I’m trying to move it to this VM.


I followed instructions, editing the Makefile, just as it is on my Fedora box, put the entries in cron. But looking at ‘top’, I see that the cron entries just run and run and run, but do nothing other than crush the load on the machine. So I stopped them running from cron and just ran one at the command line.


So the name of one of the filers is bos3140a.eci.cloud, the community string is public, and I can snmpwalk it from the command line.

So I ran:


/mrtgprod/bin/mrtg-filer-stats.sh bos3140a.eci.cloud public


The following output just keeps rolling on the screen over and over:


Can't exec "/mrtgprod/mrtg-bin/rateup": No such file or directory at /mrtgprod/mrtg-bin/mrtg line 1051.

2015-10-22 11:06:51: WARNING: rateup (/mrtgprod/mrtg-bin/rateup /mrtgprod/monitor/bos3140a.eci.cloud/ bos3140a.eci.cloud.df.bos3140a_drsite_shared_swap_2 1445526411 -Z g 2 0 999 c #00cc00 #0000ff #006600 #ff00ff l [Percent used] k 1000 i /mrtgprod/monitor/bos3140a.eci.cloud/bos3140a.eci.cloud.df.bos3140a_drsite_shared_swap_2-day.png 100 100 400 100 1 1 1 300 0 4 1 %Y-%m-%d %H:%M 0 i /mrtgprod/monitor/bos3140a.eci.cloud/bos3140a.eci.cloud.df.bos3140a_drsite_shared_swap_2-week.png 100 100 400 100 1 1 1 1800 0 4 1 %Y-%m-%d %H:%M 0 i /mrtgprod/monitor/bos3140a.eci.cloud/bos3140a.eci.cloud.df.bos3140a_drsite_shared_swap_2-month.png 100 100 400 100 1 1 1 7200 0 4 1 %Y-%m-%d %H:%M 0 i /mrtgprod/monitor/bos3140a.eci.cloud/bos3140a.eci.cloud.df.bos3140a_drsite_shared_swap_2-year.png 100 100 400 100 1 1 1 86400 0 4 1 %Y-%m-%d %H:%M 0) did not work: No such file or directory

readline() on closed filehandle RATEUP at /mrtgprod/mrtg-bin/mrtg line 1112

2015-10-22 12:35:49: ERROR: Skipping webupdates because rateup did not return anything sensible
2015-10-22 12:35:49: ERROR: Bailout after SIG INT
2015-10-22 12:35:49: ERROR: Bailout after SIG INT
2015-10-22 12:35:49: ERROR: Bailout after SIG INT



Line 1051 in /mrtgprod/mrtg-bin/mrtg does not reference a path or file so not sure what that “No such file or directory” is referring to. This is what I see around line 1051:


   1047            }

   1048     } else {

   1049         $! = undef;

   1050         open (RATEUP,"-|") or

   1051                 do { exec @exec or

   1052                      warn "$NOW: WARNING: rateup (".(join " ", @exec ).

   1053                           ") did not work: $!\n";

   1054                 };




And then is says it closed on line 1112 which is:

   1112         $res = <RATEUP>;


Have you seen this before? Is this a result of the different versions of perl?


I had done this during the build of the server.

   yum install mrtg net-snmp net-snmp-utils


I also disable SELINUX.


If you guys are able to point me in the right direction I would appreciate it greatly. Maybe a permissions issue somewhere?

I couldn’t find a log file but U guess the output of running the command manually gives an indication of what’s going on, at least to someone who understands it.







as clearly indicated,  /mrtgprod/mrtg-bin/rateup is missing.

Check build or install error, or use pre-built package if possible.