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Doubt for Volume and LUN Migration

Dear All,

We did a POC for NetAPP V3220 Series. We found one difficulty regarding the LUN Migration process.

As the LUN is the subpart of the Volume (In NetAPP Storage), if the LUN has to be migrated to another disk location, it is must to migrate entier Volume consisting.

Migration process also is through command line. No any GUI Option available for it.

1) Is it true? Or is there any other method?

Then to workaround on this issue, we thought to create SINGLE LUN under SINGLE VOLUME. So that we can migrate entire LUN (Volume) anywhere.
2) Is it advisable? Is it the proper way of working?

We may end up getting stuck at 500 Max Volumes which are defined at the storage level, if we follow the above.

Please reply.

The reply is appreciated.

Thank you.

Ashish K


Re: Doubt for Volume and LUN Migration


1) You are correct in that you need to move the volume which houses the LUN in order to move it to a new disk location. If you are running Data ONTAP 7-mode you can move a LUN-based volume hot to another aggregate (aka disk location) as long as it belongs to the same physical controller. If you need to move the LUN-based volume to another controller you could utilize SnapMirror however that would require downtime. I would strongly recommend looking into Clustered ONTAP as you can now move LUN-based volumes between physical filers without any disruption (hot).

2) When it comes to LUN-based volumes I typically only have one LUN per volume for the reason you mentioned. I have ran into a few scenarios where having this volume structure has helped simplify data migration activities.


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Re: Doubt for Volume and LUN Migration

Hi Dan,

Thank you for your valuable reply.

Other Storage Vendors are offering Single LUN Migration within the entire storage without disruption of services.

This becomes a major point in the Storage Vendor Selection.

Dear NetAPP Product Team: Can you please look into this issue as it is becoming the -ve point in NetAPP System?

Thank you.

Ashish K

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