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Download Ontap 9.7P4

Hello Guys


Any question. I need download Ontap 9.7P4 but is not available.


There is a reason why it is no longer available?



Sebastian Antunez


Re: Download Ontap 9.7P4

Well...if it's not available, I suspect NetApp found a bug or more they do not want being exposed.

In other words, they do not want anyone running that particular release. 

Move to 9.7P6. All bug fixes anyway

Re: Download Ontap 9.7P4

Is there a reason you need P4 specifically? You should still be able to get it by typing it into the version box (rather than just using the drop down). I suspect the recommendation is to use P5 if P4 was taken off the drop down.



Re: Download Ontap 9.7P4



The version is not available in the list.


A client needs this version as it is the version approved at the corporate level.


All his equipment has this version so he needed to download.





Re: Download Ontap 9.7P4

If you just type in "9.7P4" you don't get the option to download it? I do but it could be because I am an employee. You may need to connect with the account SE to pull that version down or perhaps open a non technical case to get access to the code along with perhaps why it was pulled. 

Re: Download Ontap 9.7P4

I can confirm that if you type it in, it works, but it isn't in the dropdown. That is bizarre. @andris  is this something you can follow up on?


If you can't get it to work, please let us know and we will work to help you out further.

Re: Download Ontap 9.7P4

It is "working as designed".  If you are looking for a specific version, you just type it in.
The support site redesign tries to avoid long dropdown lists - it limits the list to recommended releases.

Re: Download Ontap 9.7P4

Ah ok. Maybe there could be a statement there saying such? It's not obvious and is causing confusion.

Re: Download Ontap 9.7P4

I'm not sure what could be done to improve clarity. After all, the pulldown box does say "Type/Select Version".

Re: Download Ontap 9.7P4

It isn't clear that the dropdowns will be incomplete. I was confused by that as well, so some verbiage similar to "the dropdown below may not have your specific version. If you need a specific version, type it in below."

Re: Download Ontap 9.7P4

Based on this feedback, the text in the pulldown combo box has been clarified (hopefully).

     Select listed version or enter another





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