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Is it possible to add additional NICs to an ONTAP Select Node?


Hi there

Using ONTAP Select Deploy 9.7 we would like to configure the following:


Simpel ONTAP VM with

Management (VLAN10)

SVM with NFS, and CIFS on VLAN 17 and 11

InterCluster via SnapMirror on VLAN 24


As far as I can see you can only define a management and a data network which ends up as e0a, e0b and e0c.

We have managed to "hack" another NIC into the mix by modifying the VM while is was in the BIOS...

But while it is shown in ONTAP as e0d etc.. it is not shown in the ONTAP Deploy GUI, and a refresh operation of the cluster fails...

I am aware that the "right" way to do this, would be to tag the VLANs inside ONTAP, but we tag our VLANs on the vSwitches and would like to continue this as we have many other hosts that uses this...


Any suggestions are welcome 😉







Why not just use e0a for management, e0b for CIFS/NFS, and e0c for IC traffic? Can you tag two VLANs in ESX on a port?