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Download WFA

I don't downloaded "WFA pack for managing Clustered Data ONTAP" from Automation store. However, the file is with DAR format. First time I see a file with this format.


Is this a right file for me to install WFA?
how do I extract the executable file to install?


Re: Download WFA

The DAR file is a workflow to be imported once the application has been installed.


Here is the link for the installer:

OnCommand Workflow Automation


Re: Download WFA

Thanks, Should both of followings need to be installed? what is each one of them for? 



Also, can Ansible do everything WFA can?

Re: Download WFA

The .bin file is the Linux installer. The .exe is the Windows installer.  The web page has installation guides for both.  Ansible does most of the same things that WFA does with ONTAP.  Ansible will also manage other systems, but with the versatility comes some additional complexity. 


OnCommand Workflow Automation



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