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Downsize a Volume



          I have a volume which is 2TB and 1 lun which is 1.5 TB.


I want to downsize the volume to 1 TB. What will be the best way to do it and also its snapmirrored.


Re: Downsize a Volume

Well is your LUN thick and volume thin? What is the setup?



Re: Downsize a Volume

Thick provision both Volume and Lun

Re: Downsize a Volume

Ok, we are going to need more data.    How much volume is in LUN.  What's fractional reserve, what OS are you running.


You have to take that all into consideration.  IS Snapdrive used.. etc....

Re: Downsize a Volume

We use snapdrive on windows 2008 R2  server .


How much volume is in LUN ? 

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