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E2760 Stuck



My E2760 is stuck after a reboot. The error code in the seven digits is EA - EB . I tried to check on the support page what this sequence means but I didn't find it... Someone Can help me, please?  


the video of the error: 



Many thanks


Re: E2760 Stuck


Hi  SpindleNinja,

thanks but it's not  E8 because it "Eb" ....   could be E6?   I don't find other pages that you attached to me ... so perhaps it's broken the 2 LEDs in the seven digits display?  It's too strange  ... or I'm definitely unlucky!

Re: E2760 Stuck


I was able to find this doc, that's more specific to the 27xx line,  but I don't see anything close to things starting with E_ 

starting page 127



the EA etc align more with the 2800/5700:  




Re: E2760 Stuck


The error code definitely looks like EA Eb. The number "6" looks a little different than "b" on the seven segment display. See picture below for reference.




EA and Eb/EB can mean several different things for example:


EA : DDR3 training failed
EA : Boot Loader start of loading the system file

Eb :: Boot Loader prior to entering the boot manipulation menu


To really know what is happening to the controller, open a support case so a TSE can access the serial connection to investigate the issue from the controller shell. Serial access on E-Series is only for Support use so a support case is your best option.

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