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Edge VSA with SRM and Storage Replication Adapter

I was trying to run a demo for a customer in my lab using the Edge VSA, VMware SRM 5.1, and the NetApp SRA. I have 2 Edge VSAs running with Snapmirror between them but when I tried to add the array manager I got this error message.


SRA command 'discoverArrays' failed. Address of the storage array is not reachable.

Storage array might be down or IP address entered might be incorrect. Ensure that the storage array is up and running and the IP address of the storage

array is reachable through the command line interface.



to fix this you must run options httpd.admin.enable on


I was going to post this as a question but I figured it out myself. Patting myself on the back now, but figured I would share.


Re: Edge VSA with SRM and Storage Replication Adapter

VMware SRM communicates with ONTAP via the ONTAP SDK/API. The default the SRM uses I believe is HTTP(S). With httpd.admin.enable off the SRM can't talk to the ONTAP API that way (RPC should work though, but some software doesn't support that and for many reasons HTTP(S) is a better choice.)

Please note that while most software will work with VSA the Interoperability matrix explicitly lists what is tested/supported.

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Re: Edge VSA with SRM and Storage Replication Adapter

Awesome.  I hit the same thing and the fix works beautifully.  Thank you!

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