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Hello Guys


I have a storage with Ontap 9.7 p9 and I need to enable ADP.  The Storage is already configured, only with Management, it does not have any configuration yet, and I have read that to enable ADP the cluster must be reinstalled again.


I have no problem reconfiguring the Storage, but I would like to know what the order of configuration is.  What I have reviewed and the first thing is to enable ADP in both nodes, then once enabled, the clean must be done (option 4 of the Boot Menu)


The order I have reviewed is as follows

- Reboot node2
- Enter the Boot Menu
- Select option 9
- Then option 9a
- Then option 9b

- Restart the node

- Repeat process node 1


Enter the boot menu again node 1
- Select Option 4
- Reconfigure the cluster

Repeat process node 2 and add to cluster


Is correct the process, or is posible enable ADP without reinstall


Thanks for your comments.




Re: Enable ADP


you'll have to wipe the box to go to ADP. 


What's the model?  most ship with ADP enabled/configure. 


you can see partition ownership by running "storage disk show -partition-ownership" 


Re: Enable ADP




Is a Lenovo DM3000H


Post Enable ADP is necessary reinstall the Storage?



Re: Enable ADP


What's the disk config look like physically and logically ? 



But yes.  if you run opt 9a/b or even c. it will unpart the disks if they are and then repart them and re-init the box. 


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Re: Enable ADP


you will also need the license codes if you wipe and resetup, so make sure you have them available.

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